A Treasure Trove

Family trees … I’d always been interested in tracing the family tree and trying to map it out. That usually meant getting the older relatives to talk about what they remember of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
From bits and pieces of reminiscing, I had some idea of who fitted where. Unfortunately, most had the same anecdotes and recollections of the same people.

Until one day while talking to my Aunt Joanna, she mentioned that her sister, Phebe, was given a document about the Feliciano family tree, when she visited the Feliciano home town, Balete, Palawan. Well, I just about jumped off my chair … and immediately asked for a copy.

A treasure trove … ten beautiful hand-written pages of the history of the Felicianos.

I think it starts from the early 1800’s – that’s something I still have to research and verify. There are some dates in the narrative, but not many. The document was written soon after 1990, which was the last year mentioned.

It starts with Mariano and Maria Feliciano, and outlines through to the fourth generation descendants. There are descriptions of some of the family, their occupations, and of course, the marriages and the children. There are many names that still need filling in, but having nothing from before, this was a huge find.

I started mapping out the tree, starting several versions until I found the best format, working late into the night on weekends.

I filled in what I could of the fifth generation, and expanded into the current generations, which is the sixth and seventh. And the eighth generation has started.

Much to do still. I hope this journey continues long into the future …

7 thoughts on “A Treasure Trove

  1. Hi Maria, I am researching the Feliciano family. My Great Aunt Alice married Indolecia Feliciano in 1907 and had 6 children who are now spread around the world. Unfortunately I an only open up the first page of the treasure trove. Can you send me a link to all of it? Regards Jilly

    • Hi Jilly, I only posted the first page of the treasure trove. I’ve got draft posts on the other pages. Maybe I’ll post it now. I’ll send you a private message, if you don’t mind. So excited to find somebody else researching on the Feliciano family. Can we join resources? compare/exchange?

  2. Hello! My name is Raymund Peralta. I’m a descendant of Blas Felciano G. and Balbina Fulgencio. My great grand father is Indalecio Feliciano G. I was surprised and delighted to see the hand written family tree. This link was passed on to me by a grand aunt living in the UK. Im not sure how she found this thou, but she is related to my great grandma Alice Inwood from the UK wife of great grandpa Indalecio. I would be very happy to see the rest of the 10 documents you mentioned since I know little about the family of great grandpa Indalecio Fulgencio Feliciano G. from Balete, Aklan since I was born in San Juan City, Metro Manila. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Hi Ray! Good to hear from you. I’ve also just heard from Jilly, also researching the Feliciano family, and maybe you’re related? Yes, interesting how your grand aunt living in the UK found this link. I’ll post the other drafts I had on this, and you can read along (hope you don’t mind?) Thanks.

      • Yes, Jilly is an aunt and related to my great grandma Alice Inwood Feliciano. I heard from an uncle that great grandpa Andalecio had a half brother named Nicolas a lawyer who settled in Palawan and eventually became a judge there. Are you related to Nicolas? Looking forward to seeing the rest of the drafts. Thanks.

  3. Hello! I am very excited to come across your blog. I am the granddaughter of Illuminada Feliciano and am thrilled to learn of her family tree. She is the great-granddaughter of Mariano and Maria Feliciano through her father Valeriano, and her grandmother Florencia. So apparently we are related? The crocodile story is amazing!
    Greetings from California!

    • Oh hello ! I was just thinking that I should start this up again, and here you are! Must be a sign 😁
      Thanks so much for writing, and I am so excited to hear from you! Yes, we are most definitely related. I am going straight to the tree and trace where you are. I do believe that you are the first from that branch of the family tree that has surfaced.
      If you don’t mind, may I ask you to fill in the boxes, once I get the tree updated.
      Thanks so much again for getting in touch.

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